Pay Information

Payment to our officials are made via a mailed check or Direct Deposit through Melio.
Your first pay you will receive an email from Melio Services with the subject of 'Maryland Basketball Officials Association, Inc. wants to pay you faster via Melio'. There will be a link in the email "Add payment details", usually in purple. Select this link and follow the instructions. This should only have to be done for your first pay. Any future payments will be completed the way you have selected.

Our pay periods are either monthly or what we call the old way.
Monthly is usually one month behind, (January would be in March, February in April, etc.)
The old way is:
1. December-January-February-March are paid in April.
2. April-May-June are paid in July.
3. July-August are paid in September.
4. September-October-November are paid in December.
All of the above pay dates are completed when there enough funds to pay everyone.

Monthly      Old Way     

Direct Deposit      Mail Check ($1.50 fee)     

Dues, right now, are $85 and are taken out the first payment of each year. Also, 11% is deducted from the game fees to cover payment to the Board of Directors for running the Association.
FYI: Once I start the pay process it takes approximately 10 days for payment to come via mail, 3 days for direct deposit.

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